About KZ Group

KZ Group has more than 40 years of history as supplier of technically advanced tools and special products within the water and sewer segment.
We are located in Kungsbacka a few miles south of Gothenburg and KZ Group consists of six companies. After several years of several sales collaborations, KZ Handels A/S also was established in Norway in 2017.

KZ Handels AB sell and manufactures equipment for pipe network service.
We are expanding and renewing our product range through continuous product development and new agencies.

Our new product segment ”Bactosense” is independently controlling and verifying the water quality in both the production and in the distribution stage.

Our design and development department provide us with customer-specific solutions and these are thereafter manufactured in our production department.

Since 1998, we are exclusive retailer of EWE Armaturen products.
Since 2017, we are exclusive retailer of Elomat products.
Since 2018, we are exclusice retailer of Bactosence.

KZ Handels AB has an extensive customer contact network within municipal operations, within industries and wholesale. All municipalities in Sweden are regularly visited by our sales representatives.

For the last 15 years KZ Service AB  have been specializing in electronics and service of PE welding devices and control systems for water filling stations and are an authorized service workshop for Friatec's, PF's and Elofit's range of accessories, such as electric welds and scraper tools.

Zickert Systems AB designs and manufactures pump systems for water and chemicals.



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